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Shonie Carter (left) and Mike Aref (right) at the Total Fight Challenge 2.
Started Goshin Jitsu: Fall 1996
Mike's been training in martial arts since the fifth grade. He earned his 
shodan (first degree black belt) in Uechi-Ryu Karate Do in 1992 and in the American Kempo-Shorin System in 1995. After that he discovered Goshin Jitsu and that multiple black belts in karate didn't mean as much as they should in a realistic self-defense sense. He currently trains with McVicker's Martial Arts Academy and holds a faixa preta (black belt) in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a black belt in Jeet Kune Do. He also trained muay thai kickboxing with the Peoria Athletic Club and Top Level Gym. Some of Mike's titles include:
His record is 66-28 in sport jiu-jitsu/submission wrestling, 1-1 in mixed-martial arts (MMA), and 7-0/2 in amateur muay thai. Mike earned his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering in the Spring of 2003 and his M.D. in 2006. He completed his residency in 2009 and works as a physician in the community.
Mike Aref (left) and Shooto legend Erik Paulson (right) share a smile.

Andy Perry (left) kicks as Mike Aref (right) coaches