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Is Goshin Jitsu right for me?

Depends on what you're looking for. It is fair to say that certain arts tend to specialize in different areas of martial arts training. For instance, Tae Kwon Do and Judo tend to train students in a style that is mostly suitable for competition and aerobic fitness; while some traditional Karate systems embrace more traditional goals (i.e. perfection of form or seeking inner peace). Our style emphasizes techniques designed to benefit a person when they need to protect themselves in an attack situation. However, a lot of material is strategically and tactically applicable to combat sports and we have several members who compete in muay thai, sport jiu-jitsu, submission wrestling and/or mixed-martial arts.

Am I right for Goshin Jitsu?

We have seen all types of people -- women, men, big people, and small people find success in martial arts training. All one needs is a desire to learn and a commitment to succeed.

What should I wear?

New students should wear loose comfortable clothing (e.g. sweats), that you don't mind getting dirty or a little ripped.

Is there any additional equipment I need?

Initially no, but it is strongly recommended that all students get a mouth guard, especially for contact situations. Male students are encouraged to wear a cup. Some of us also like to wear wrestling shoes, but that is a personal preference. All other equipment is strictly optional, such as focus mitts, boxing, and MMA gloves.

Can I train with Goshin Jitsu and another martial art?

Yes. In fact in GJ we encourage it -- no single art has the best answer to every single self-defense or combat sports situation, nor does any single instructor. Physical exercise (e.g. running, weight lifting) and training with another martial art can only improve your skills, as long as you keep practical applications in mind. Goshin Jitsu is an eclectic art cobbled together by practicality and the training strengths of its practitioners. By experiencing martial arts on different levels with different teachers you will broaden your skills and have a better chance at defending yourself.

Is Goshin Jitsu "woman friendly"?

Goshin Jitsu does not discriminate against women or anyone who is interested in training with this club. There are currently more women in the club than ever before, and there is almost always at least one female member present. The club does not tolerate prejudice of any kind, and everyone is expected to work respectfully together at the appropriate level. There is a wide spectrum of experience and skill among both male and female members, so all are taken into consideration and everyone who joins starts from the beginning. The instructors do their best to make sure that everyone is comfortable, and they are aware of the differences and/or difficulties that women may have training in a club that is predominantly male.
Without having tried Goshin Jitsu, some women may have heard that the club is "too rough" for women. While care is taken to foster an accepting community, practices are physically demanding and many techniques require close physical contact with your club mates. This may be a new experience for some people, especially for women who may not have grown up wrestling with brothers or friends. The physical challenges you face in Goshin Jitsu will not only help improve your training, but they will improve your physical and mental health affecting your life both inside and outside the gym. You will find people of all shapes and sizes in the club, each person doing the activities to the best of their abilities. As described on the website, members will learn rolls and falls, grappling, throws, etc., but ALL of these techniques can be performed by women.

How do I join?

The great thing about the techniques and training you learn in Goshin Jitsu is that it is from a practical standpoint. It can be used for SELF-DEFENSE, which is particularly important to women. If you are looking for a challenge in a safe environment, Goshin Jitsu may be right for you!
Come by and observe or try a practice. The first two weeks of classes are a free trial period. After that you may choose to join our club by paying dues and filling out the appropriate paperwork, if not we thank you for your time. Every year all Goshin Jitsu club members must fill out an Emergency Card, a Sport Club Informed Consent, Waiver, and place their name on the roster. These items are required by the Division of Campus Recreation (DCR) and you will not be allowed to train without them.

Why won't you let me join?

We accept new students during the first two weeks of each Fall and Spring semester.  We set a limit of 40 junior students per practice, not because we don't want you to join but because with the space constraints we have we cannot safely fit more people in.

Where does Goshin Jitsu train?

Goshin Jitsu trains in the Combat Room of the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), 201 E. Peabody Drive, Champaign, IL 61820.

Where can I park?

The closest parking is a metered parking lot, E24. If you want to save some money there is free parking in E15 and E18 on weekends and after 5 PM on weekdays. During home football games your best bet is E18.

Can I get a refund?

Unless we ask you to leave, no.  Check us out for the trial period and decide before paying your dues.