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Goshin Jitsu rankings depend both on time dedicated to the club and experience. Members promoted are those who benefit the club's growth based on technical expertise and teaching.

Junior Students

Junior Students are novices to martial arts and/or new to Goshin Jitsu without significant applied self-defense training and/or combat sport experience. Essentially all new members of Goshin Jitsu are Junior Students until they pass their Fundamental certification or are categorized as Senior Students or Technical Advisors by the Chief Instructor.

Senior Students

Senior Students are students who have passed their Fundamental certification and are working on balanced Basic and Intermediate certifications.

Student Instructors

Student Instructors have passed Basic certification and are working on balanced Intermediate and Advanced certifications. Student Instructors are expected to act as examples for the Junior and Senior Students and run the club in the absence of the Instructor(s) and the Chief Instructor with the aid of the Technical Advisor(s). The Student Instructors mission is enhance to their training and the training of all members of Goshin Jitsu.

Technical Advisors (Coaches)

Technical Advisors are members of Goshin Jitsu with unique backgrounds and strengths in specific doctrine skill sets that improve the Goshin Jitsu core. Technical Advisors function as students when training areas that they are less qualified in and serve as Instructors in areas that they excel at. The concept of the Technical Advisor is to tap their knowledge while adding to it. Technical Advisors may have Advanced or Instructor level certifications or equivalent in one doctrine skill set while working on Basic or even Fundamental certifications in other doctrine skill sets.


Instructors are responsible for developing and teaching the unified Goshin Jitsu core of striking, throwing, and submissions. Instructors should be Advanced or Instructor certified in all doctrine skill sets. Both Student Instructors and Technical Advisors can become Instructors. Instructors should teach to the best of their ability, drawing upon the specific experience and knowledge of Technical Advisors as need.

Chief Instructor

The senior-most instructor is the Chief Instructor.