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Certification Grades


Students are taught the basics of striking, takedown, and grappling within the context of both street self-defense and combat sports. They also learn how to do breakfalls and basic calesthenics. Basic throwing concepts are also introduced. Students begin to learn how to defend and escape striking, grabbing, and ground attack situations.


Students are taught more striking concepts and basic throws versus a wide variety of common attacks. They are also introduced to the ground positions as well as basic submissions from both stand-up and the ground. The integration of fundamental skills into a flow is the key. Students try to develop timing, flow grappling, and solid takedown defense. Basic level students are "pressure tested" to develop themselves as physical martial artists.


Students are taught more technically demanding striking concepts, throws, and submission techniques. Before proceeding to the next level, Intermediate certified students most show understanding of Goshin Jitsu theory and are tested on their technical and conceptual understanding of striking, throwing, and submissions. In addition they must demonstrate excellent understanding of throwing mechanics as well as direction of force and momentum. At this level students should be sparring, wrestling, and grappling, as well as being further "pressure tested" to develop as martial artists despite adverse conditions. The goal is the development of strategies and tactics for dealing with all sorts of partners with different skills and sizes.


Students are taught more esoteric (but highly effective) throwing and submission techniques. Students utilize techniques that are the advanced counterparts to basics defenses for use against weapons. Students will be trained to defend against a knife, club, or gun. Rather teaching new techniques, previously learned defenses are applied to dealing with the weapon. Advanced level students must demonstrate excellent understanding of an opponent's energy and pressure. Students integrate all ranges and doctrine skill sets, at this level Goshin Jitsuka are looking to not only beat someone at their own game, but switch the game up to beat them at another. Students are "pressure tested" in "impossible" situations versus multiple opponents or against weapons.


Students will perfect certain strikes, throws, and submissions that are best for that particular student. They will also have an opportunity to develop his or her own defenses by applying these favorite combat techniques. Furthermore, students will research striking, throwing, and submissions within the context of Goshin Jitsu doctrine and implement them within their own style and Goshin Jitsu as a whole.
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