Goshin Jitsu Mixed-Martial Arts (GJMMA) is an eclectic, combat sports and self-defense motivated martial art utilizing
striking, throwing and submissions. Its name comes from theJapanese words goshin meaning "protection of the body"and jitsu meaning "techniques". GJMMA has evolved to teach effective self-defense for a wide range of real world scenarios as well as skills necessary for combat sports. The concepts and techniques of GJMMA originate from a number of fighting styles, from which the simplest and most effective techniques were taken. These skills continue to evolve so that the elements build upon and incorporate one another to form a comprehensive and effective unarmed combat system. GJMMA emphasizes strategies and tactics both for the street and the ring.

At its most basic level, GJMMA teaches the skills you need to survive a confrontation. During an attack, a rape, a mugging, or a fight, you will get hurt, feel pain, and experience fear. GJMMA will teach you to maximize your chances of survival, of getting away in one piece, and minimize your chances of ending up in the hospital or worse. This same mental and physical conditioning combined with technical development can be used for submission wrestling, muay thai, and mixed-martial arts competition.

On a larger scale, GJMMA is a martial arts laboratory where the most effective and practical hand-to-hand combat skills can be improved, refined, and personalized. One martial art or teacher is not superior when trying to win a conflict, only the martial artist themself. GJMMA offers the instructors, people, and space to pressure test and incorporate the best skills of effective martial arts for you.